eBranch Home Banking

Please see step by step instructions on how to set up you new e-branch account below:

> To setup a new E-Branch account, you will need to access the Internet Branching site and enter your Base Account # or Member # in the User ID field and click LOG IN.  (Please do NOT include any sub numbers) i.e. -75, -00, 57, 52, etc

> At User ID Password, please enter the last 4 digits of the SSN associated with your base account number and click LOG IN.

> Enter your current email address twice and then enter a new password. You will also need to make a decision regarding eDocuments. Yes is the default answer for eDocuments registration so if you would like to receive all of your credit union documents through eDocuments, simply click CONTINUE.

> We will now begin the security setup. This new member login process is more secure because it blocks attempts to access your account from computers that we do not recognize unless one of your security questions is correctly answered. To begin the security setup, click PERFORM SETUP.

> Click CONTINUE to continue through the security process of selecting a security image & security questions.

> You will select a security image and name the image. Your security image is a picture selected and named by you. There are several images to choose from and by selecting the CLICK HERE button, you will be able to cycle through several images to choose the appropriate image for you and name the image.  This is a security feature used so that when you login to your E-Branch account in the future, and see the image that you chose, you will know that you are accessing the correct website and not a fraudulent phishing website. Click CONTINUE.

> You will then be given the chance to select security questions and provide the answers.                
Remember: Even though we accept upper and lower case letters, the answers are NOT case sensitive, they can be entered in lower case or all upper case whichever you prefer.    

> Check the box at the bottom of the screen if you do not want to certify the computer you are using to set up this account. Certifying a computer means that you will not have to answer a security question every time you login to Internet Branching. Also, you can certify more than one computer if desired. Click FINISH to continue setting up your account.                                                            

> This screen completes your enhance login setup. Click Continue to Accounts.           

> The eDoc Option was selected previously, you will now complete the eDocument Registration, by clicking YES.

> Now you must demonstrate your ability to read the electronic document. Statewide FCU will create a PDF that has a verifi cation code in it. The member will click on the VIEW TERMS AND CONDITIONS PDF link to prove that they can open and read the PDF.

> Once opened, the PDF states that by agreeing to receive your CU documents electronically, you will only receive one more copy of your paper statement through the mail. The credit union can determine how many printed copies of the statement to send after the acceptance of the eDocuments. The default and the minimum is one (1). Write down or highlight and right click and copy the verifi cation code on this screen.

> Enter or right click and paste the verification code from the PDF in the text box. Once the verification code is entered, click I agree to eDocument Terms & Conditions to complete the eDocument registration.

> After the eDocument registration, your account information is ready.


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*For optimal use of eBranch, use Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher.

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