mApp Mobile Banking

All members MUST re-enroll in online services such as our new mAPP mobile banking, e-branch and tellerphone.

Notice: You must register for mAPP Mobile Banking online using a home computer before you have access to the mobile website or Apps.
Please uninstall your current Statewide Mobile Banking app & download our newest version for your Apple or Android device.

Visit Login to e-branch
Enter your password and if prompted, your security answer
Once logged in, select “Mobile Banking”
Select “Preferences”
Select “TEXT Banking” from the preferences menu
Complete Registration by:

1. Enter phone #
2. Enter carrier
3. Click ‘Send Verification Code’
4. Check phone for text message code
5. Enter verification code on computer
6. Click ‘Finish Setup’

After completing the registration process, your user ID for the new mAPP Mobile Banking app will be your member account number and the password will be the same password you created when you re-enrolled for home banking e-branch.

Send these simple text codes from your mobile phone to
ACC List account nicknames
ALERT Establishes eAlert for outstanding check in last CHK x command
ALERT x Establishes eAlerrt for check x
BAL Lists the balance for all accounts
BAL x Lists the balance on account x
CHK Lists the last few cleared checks
CHK x Retrieves status information for check x
HELP x Retrieves detailed information about command x
INFO Retrieves the last few transactions of all accounts
LAST Retrieves the last few transactions for all accounts
LAST x Retrieves the last few transactions for account x
MORE Retrieves the last few transactions or checks
STOP x Request a stop payment on check x
TRA x y z Transfer from account x to account y, amount is z

mApp Out Your Finances

Navigate your finances with mApp, Statewide FCU's mobile banking application. Start banking wherever you are with your mobile phone.

  • check balances
  • view transaction history
  • perform transfers
  • pay bills (coming soon)
  • find ATM's nearby
  • receive text alerts*


*Standard message rates apply