Access your accounts from any touch-tone phone, 24/7. Dial 1.800.553.8890

Enter the following information when calling into Statewide's new tellerphone service for the first time: 

Account Number: Your account number
Example: Account number 12345 would
be entered 12345

PIN: Enter the last digits of the primary
account holder's SSN. You will be asked
to create a new four-character PIN upon
your first log in.

        (Account Balance)
1. Draft Balance
2. Share Balance
3. Loan Balance
4. IRA Balance
5. Certificate Balance
8. To repeat Summary Options
9. To return to the Activity Menu

Please enter the sub number you want to hear details about, then press the # key.  For a list of your sub numbers just press #.

(Balance, Last deposit/payment, ATM, Available
for Withdrawal/Advance, Last Dividend, Interest/
Dividend YTD, Interest/Dividend Last Year,
Payoff Amount, Maturity Date, Interest Rate)

1. Most recent transactions
2. Most recent deposit/payment
3. Most recent withdrawal/advance
4. Most recent share draft clearing
5. Most recent debit card transactions
6. Inquire on a specific share draft clearing by draft number
8. To repeat activity option
9. To return to the activity menu

1. Withdrawal
2. Transfer funds between accounts
8. To repeat these options
9. To return to the main menu

(Personal Identification Number)



Electronic Fund Transfers - Your Rights and Responsibilities