Christmas Club

Be Prepared

Isn't it a drag having to worry about Christmas spending each year? If you start a regular savings plan into a Statewide Christmas Club Account, you won't have those worries next time around!
A Christmas Club at Statewide offers you a safe, convenient way to put some money aside for those Christmas gifts (or any other good reason - doesn't have to be for Christmas!) next year. By payroll deduction or direct deposit, you're accumulating the funds that'll keep you out of debt next holiday season!
Our Christmas Clubs are structured just the same as our Share Savings accounts - monthly dividends on the average daily balance that are compounded monthly.  Also, we do something different than any of the other financial institutions regarding Christmas Club Accounts...we let you have the money anytime! If you see that perfect present, why not be able to buy it right then, instead of waiting until November or December?
Don't wait - open a Statewide Christmas Club Account right now!