Share Certificates

The Best CDs in Town

When it comes to long-term investing, Statewide offers some of the most inviting rates and terms around! As part of our goal of helping you save more, our rates are typically much higher than our bank competition. Since you own us as a member of this financial cooperative, we owe that to you!
Whether you're only looking to invest for only a brief time, or want to put your funds away for the long haul, we have the terms to suit you. We will keep your funds safe and secure, all the while earning you the most for those hard-earned dollars!
All of Statewide's Share Certificates require a minimum $1,000.00 deposit. Dividends are paid and compounded monthly on the account balance at the subscribed rate. (Early withdrawal penalties may apply.) You may also borrow against your invested funds at any time. (Loan rate = Share Certificate Rate plus 3.00%)
Compare our investment rates to other financial institutions, and see if you don't agree - Statewide's rates ARE better! Let us help you earn more. Call us today about investing in a Statewide Share Certificate: